Allegiant Health Launches Tripanion® – A New Product for Jet Lag

Jet Lag Medication

Globalization has made international travel a big part of today’s lifestyle, and coping with jet lag is a major challenge.

Meet Tripanion®…your ideal trip companion!

Created by Allegiant Health, a leading international pharmaceutical and dietary supplement manufacturer, this breakthrough product is specifically designed to relieve jet lag symptoms. With its convenient 3-in-1 combo package, Tripanion® has DAY, NITE and LAX formulas. It’s an all-in-one solution in a single package!

  1. The DAY Formula boosts your energy level to keep you awake during the day, so you can actively perform important activities without falling asleep.
  2. The NITE Formula induces sleep when you feel awake. A good sleep is the key to restoring your energy and preparing you for the next day.
  3. The LAX, the third formula in this combo package, gently improves and restores bowel and digestive regularity disturbed by dietary changes and jet lag.

The package’s three-color circular design is symbolic to remind you that these three formulas work synergistically. Using them together will help adjust your internal clock to your new time zone.

Tripanion®. Your ideal trip companion. Don’t travel without it!