International Business

Your Trusted Conduit

Allegiant Health’s strategic position as the trusted conduit to the Chinese marketplace did not happen overnight. As OTC (over-the-counter) pharmaceutical and dietary supplement manufacturers seeking expansion into China quickly find, Allegiant Health’s unique position is leveraged from seven essential factors:

  1. Decades of experience launching Allegiant Health and other U.S.-branded products in the Chinese marketplace.
  2. International business synergies and trade relationships.
  3. Partnering capabilities of unparalleled value.
  4. Clear appreciation of the Chinese economy.
  5. Thorough understanding of regulatory compliance.
  6. Marketing expertise and distribution connections.
  7. An incisive understanding of cultural nuances.

These seven factors combine to position Allegiant Health as the prime conduit and the unmatched partner for those desiring to further trade relations and the globalization of U.S. exports within this vitally important Asian market.


The recognized quality and regulation of U.S. pharmaceutical and dietary supplements drive sales of U.S. products in the burgeoning Chinese consumer market. Understanding and communicating to this complex, expanding market requires significant experience and accurate insight. Allegiant Health leverages our proven experience as a trusted partner to guide and support U.S. manufacturers and brands with the most effective communication, positioning, messaging and branding strategies.

Regulatory Compliance

China-specific regulation is complex and in constant flux. Success in this evolving environment requires a partner with knowledge and appreciation of current Chinese standards and practices, and the intuition for future trends. From health and safety measures to import- and export-related quotas, Allegiant Health creates entry and expansion solutions for partners.


distributionTraditionally, market penetration in China has been difficult for foreign companies. However, Allegiant Health’s long-standing relationships, tested distribution conduits and market-smart planning strategies provide everything necessary for successful entry into the Chinese market.

Cross-Border eCommerce & Logistics

Allegiant Health has successfully pioneered cross-border eCommerce, a process characterized by large volume distribution of U.S. national brand products within the Chinese market. Logistically speaking, Allegiant Health’s comprehensive cross-border eCommerce services include ready access to an established global network of supply chains. From freight forwarding, packaging and customs clearance, to warehousing storage and distribution, Allegiant Health is the premier gateway into the China market.