Allegiant Health Celebrates with a Holiday Luncheon

December 13, 2019

Each year, Allegiant Health takes time to celebrate the Holidays. Our Annual Luncheon celebrates our staff, our accomplishments, and our company. It is an opportunity to gather as friends, laugh, and enjoy a meal together.

Our luncheon is filled with friends, music, food, raffles, and a general true holiday spirit.

The luncheon is a time to thank the entire team for all the hard work they have done all year and to take a minute to realize the impact we all have to our company and personal success.

Each year we honor our Employee of the Year, who has given so much more than asked and done so without complaint. This year, we honored Joseph Kerkovich, our Graphic Artist.

His tireless commitment resulted in the launch and success of the company’s Facebook and Instagram presence, the launch of a new company product line, and the upgrade of our product labeling. Thank you, Joe, for all your hard work.


To our customers, we thank you. Your continued partnership and commitment to our company drives our success.

To our families, we thank you for supporting our long hours and apologize for missing a few ball games or concerts.

To our friends, we thank you for always being a shoulder to lean on.


To all, we wish you the happiest of holidays!