Energy Boosting Supplement

PerkUp®  Helps:

  • Restore mental alertness or wakefulness*
  • Enhance memory*
  • Relieve fatigue*
  • Relieve stress*
  • Promote energy conversion*
  • Increase exercise endurance*

Product Features:

  • To mask bitter and/or unpleasant taste with molecular flavoring technology, and combining natural fruit flavors to deliver superior consumer acceptability and experience.
  • With lozenge form to gradually release the active ingredient under the tongue over time, to assure one can enjoy the natural fruity sweet taste and flavors a bit longer
  • Caffeine extracted from natural green coffee beans and a variety of B vitamins work synergistically to provide optimal alertness.
  • Oral mucosal absorption can quickly produce onset of effectiveness.
  • No irritation to the gastrointestinal tract or the esophagus, reduces the liver first pass effect as well.
  • The amount of natural caffeine contained in each tablet is equivalent to half a cup of ordinary coffee.
  • No sugar, calories, preservatives, and artificial flavors. No addictive concern.

Demographics Who Should Consider Taking PerkUp® :

  • People who easily feel fatigue and trapped.
  • People working at night
  • People with frequent intensive stress, such as college students
  • People who frequently travel or drive a long-distance
  • People who need to increase endurance in sports activities
  • People engaging in mental work with excessive strain on brain
  • People with memory loss and hard to focus

Principle of Effect:

  • Use the cutting edge molecular masking technology with proprietary ownership, to shield the bitter and/or unpleasant taste of certain ingredients in the formula; and enhance the flavor profile with a variety of natural fruit flavors to improve consumer acceptability and experience.
  • Promote oral mucosal absorption to assure rapid onset time, and to minimize first hepatic pass effect so the active ingredients can be preserved to the largest extent and delivered to the expected sites to produce actions.
  • Caffeine extracted from natural green coffee beans and a variety of B vitamins work synergistically to enhance the food conversion to energy, and to generate a rapid onset for mental alertness as well as prolong its effectiveness over a period of time.

US Authority Certification:

  • U.S. FDA Establishment Registration and GMP Inspection
  • U.S. UL Pharmaceutical GMP Manufacturing Management System Certification
  • U.S. Intertek Pharmaceutical Product and Services Certifications
  • New York State Board of Pharmacy Manufacturing License
  • U.S. Private Label Manufacturer Association Member

Benefits and Characteristics Superior to The Energy Products in The Market:

  • Sugar free and zero calories, also suitable for people with obesity and diabetes.
  • Release of active ingredients in mouth will greatly facilitate oral mucosal absorption, thus maximize and prolong the effectiveness.
  • With natural fruity sweet taste, enhance consumer acceptability and product use experience.
  • Caffeine extracted from natural green coffee beans, with the help of a variety of B vitamins such as nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid and pyridoxine converting energy efficiently, can maximize its wakefulness and alertness effect over an extended period of time.
  • A variety of exciting natural fruit flavors, to meet individual preferences of a wide range consumers’ expectations.

Taste: A variety of natural fruit flavors, including Strawberry Shock, Lemon-Lime Burst, Mango Smash, Pineapple Supreme and many more to come.

Packaging: Beautiful and unique design, small size and easy to carry around.

Dosage: Each tablet contains natural caffeine extract 50mg, vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid) 4mg, vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) 2.5mg, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 1mg.

Usage: Take orally and keep in mouth until completely dissolved.


PerkUp® Development Process, the Brand Story:

Lack of mental stimulation during long-distance driving can lead to physical discomfort and cause accidents.  On long drives, your response time drops, your thinking ability is decreased and you may find it hard to concentrate.  The same is true for those who air travel through time zone changes and suffer from jet lag.  Night shift workers and overtime workers, college students and those with stressful mentally taxing jobs, people with difficulty in social communication, chronic depression, or low stamina can also experience brain strain.

Current energy drink options provide a degree of relief but come with several drawbacks.  Flavors are marginally appealing, they are often loaded with sugar, drinking them can increase the need for rest stops during long distance travel, and they are inconvenient to carry.  Their use can lead to weight gain, tooth decay, gout and other health issues.

Over the past 20 years, the research and development team of Allegiant Health, a reputable pharmaceutical company in the United States with full capability in product development, manufacture and marketing, accumulated a wealth of taste masking and flavored oral preparation technology.  They have successfully developed a variety of quality chewable Over-The-Counter pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products with great flavors, such as chewable calcium, aspirin, and bismuth subsalicylate tablets being distributed domestically and internationally.  A quality focus and high level of regulatory compliance are the core philosophy in the company’s operation, which enabled the company to pass many FDA’s audits and third parties’ audits over the years.  The consistent implementation of high standards throughout its daily operations are also key to expedite new product launch from R&D stage to full commercialization.

In recent years, the Allegiant Health R&D team, in response to market demand especially in search of an effective and convenient alternative to those popular energy drinks on the market with unfavorable characteristics such as bulkiness, bladder challenge, weight gain and causing health issue after long term consumption, utilized its intellectual proprietary technology to successfully develop an amazing energy supplement PerkUp®, a natural fruit flavored lozenge tablet containing 50mg of natural caffeine extract and 4mg of nicotinic acid, 2.5mg of pantothenic acid, and 1mg of pyridoxine, the key B vitamins mainly responsible for energy conversion in the body.  It was a long and difficult journey to discover the so called “taste masking via thorough blockage at molecular level to achieve an optimal acceptability with consistence at production scale”.  It is a successful outcome of countless experiments conducted by our experienced research scientists at the R&D department over the years.  Using multiple steps of such molecular blocking technologies to mask the bitter and unpleasant taste of caffeine and B vitamins, will certainly lead to a very high level of user acceptance and compliance for oral consumption, which in turn increases the oral mucosal absorption of the active ingredient caffeine and enable to produce a quick onset of mental alertness in the brain.  Moreover, use of this product over an extended period of time should be considered safe and will not generate any addiction, and will not cause weight gain, diabetes, tooth decay, gout or other health issues.

PerkUp® has a variety of natural fruit flavors (Strawberry Shock, Lemon-Lime Burst, Mango Smash, and Pineapple Supreme).  It will not cause irritation to the esophageal gastric mucosa, no accumulation in the body, contains no sugar and no preservatives.  It is easy to carry, safe to use (equivalent to half a cup of ordinary coffee), and will provide the boost needed for wakefulness and alertness.

PerkUp® may also help support recovery from headache, hangover, menstrual cramps and slow cognition, as well as mouth refreshing and preventive maintenance of oral health*.

PerkUp® is typically suitable for mental workers, college students, long distance drivers, sports athletes, including diabetic people.

PerkUp® is an unprecedented product in the marketplace.   Its rapid effect, taste, packaging, and ease of carrying, has been well received by consumer groups of all ages!

Allegiant Health produces the PerkUp® brand products with the same GMP operating procedures and high quality standards as for all its other products.  The high quality standards implemented throughout the manufacturing process of PerkUp® are the guarantee to its supreme quality, which will ultimately make PerkUp® become a highly desirable product in people’s daily life.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.