Allegiant Health Collaborates With Henan Tengji Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

Allegiant Health will be collaborating with Henan Tengji Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. to expand our marketing and sale of products in China. 

Henan TengJi was established in 2014 with headquarters in Zhengzhou China.  They own multiple retail and online stores, represent numerous foreign and domestic brands in the Chinese market, and are partnered with key online distributors and platforms. With a sophisticated supply chain, the company was recognized as a model enterprise by the local government.

China’s demand for nutraceutical products has grown at a fast pace in the past decade and channels for importing nutraceutical products into China have been opened, especially through cross-border ecommerce.  However, with a strong commitment to create value in the participation of preventive maintenance in public health, it is critical to gain the trust of Chinese consumers and to build a strong brand image for Allegiant Health.  Our stringent pharmaceutical standards applied throughout product development, manufacturing and testing will be the key elements and assets to assure delivery of the highest quality products, and to win the trust of Chinese consumers time after time.

With a decade of successful product launches for some renowned imported brands, Henan Tengji Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. is expected to increase the recognition and sales volume of HealthA2Z products in the Chinese market.  With this partnership, HealthA2Z will be positioned to become a trusted brand throughout China.