Innovation – PerkUp® Energy Booster Development

Case Study

Allegiant’s Commitment:

In our quest to bring consumers new and needed products, Allegiant Health invested significantly in the development of PerkUp® Energy Booster as a natural alternative to current marketed energy products.

Developing PerkUp®:

Our R&D team worked tirelessly on the development of PerkUp® to assure product quality, effectiveness, safety, and taste, in a form that is convenient and easy to use.  PerkUp® development was focused on creating a healthy energy product that produced a sustained energy boost rather that a boost/crash effect often seen with other energy products.

The Challenge:

In a product category wrought with liquid energy drinks filled with sugar and other unnatural ingredients, the challenge was to develop a drink alternative, which was all natural, effective without a “crash”, easy to carry/consume, and which tasted great.

The Work:

After months of formulation trials, taste testing, and consumer feedback, Allegiant Health developed PerkUp® with a B-Vitamin complex and natural green bean caffeine.  The product was developed in both Lemon/Lime and Strawberry as the most preferred flavors.   PerkUp® was developed as a small disc or cube which easily dissolves in your mouth.

The Result:

PerkUp® Energy Booster was launched in 2018 and was received with resounding applause.  Sales have been steadily climbing and consumer feedback has been positive.  PerkUp® was recently selected as an Amazon Choice product, a designation which is earned, not sponsored.

PerkUp® is selling internationally and domestically and is currently available on Amazon,, and