Contract R&D

Case Study

Allegiant Health customizes comprehensive contract R&D programs to meet the specific needs of each customer. Working closely together, Allegiant’s R&D team helps guide the product development process from concept through completion. During the initial discovery phase, our R&D scientists and business development staff learn about and crystallize the overall project objectives. At every stage of design, both parties contribute their expertise, and once aligned, a contract for development is implemented.

Allegiant Health’s team then develops and activates the manufacturing process, producing pilot scale batches, identifying and completing requisite testing through test method development, validation and  stability program, and achieving a scale-up to commercial levels. The Allegiant Health way means delivering a true turnkey solution for each customer.

We pride ourselves on the experience and expertise of our R&D Department, which has been responsible for worldwide distribution of numerous high-quality products.

Services feature:

  • In-house scientific expertise
  • Specialized laboratory testing
  • Pilot and commercial scale-up facility
  • Regulatory compliance certification
  • Dossier of development project