Our Commitment To Quality

Case Study

“Quality is our most important product”

Allegiant’s Commitment:

The entire Allegiant Health organization, from top to bottom, is dedicated to producing quality products and quality services for its customers. In 2015, Allegiant Health reinvested in its quality systems to ensure that every product was made to the highest quality standards.

Building Quality:

We believe that the creation of quality products originates with an appreciation that quality can never be added at the end. At Allegiant Health, true quality is built into every core system, every raw material and every step of the manufacturing process.

The Challenge:

As a rapidly growing OTC (over-the-counter) manufacturer, Allegiant Health recognizes the need to ensure that quality is never replaced by quantity as the foremost ingredient in every process.

The Work:

To accomplish a balance of growth and quality maintenance, Allegiant Health committed to a redesign of all of our core quality systems. The driving concept was to create a thorough and fully compliant program that was consistent and eminently repeatable. 

By performing a critical analysis of internal quality systems in comparison with industry and FDA standards, Allegiant Health created a cohesive and compliant quality system. Building upon this solid foundation, Allegiant Health created the new system by dedicating significant manpower and extensive professional training to this initiative.

The Results:

In 2016, Allegiant Health’s investment was realized as demonstrated by third-party inspection outcomes.

UL Inspection Compliance
Intertek Inspection Compliance
NAI (Zero 483's)
FDA Inspection Compliance