“Upgrading for the future”

Case Study

Allegiant’s Commitment:

Allegiant Health is committed to operating a state of the art facility to assure that product quality is maintained at the highest possible levels. 

Looking Inside:

Assuring product quality requires an introspective review to identify any potential areas for improvement.  This includes review of all system support, manufacturing, packaging, and QC Laboratory equipment. 

The Challenge:

The challenge presented, whenever upgrading a facility, is to prioritize the upgrades, implement them in a manner which assures continued compliant operations, and to do so with limited operational downtime.

The Work:

A team of dedicated Quality, Engineering, and Manufacturing personnel worked together to develop a life cycle program for all support, manufacturing, packaging, and laboratory equipment.  Equipment was tiered based on age, maintenance history, and potential for product impact.

Once tiered, the Tier 1 projects were addressed in 2022, with Tier 2 scheduled for 2023 and Tier 3 for 2024. 

The Results:

In 2022, Allegiant Health replaced several roof top HVAC units, added additional roof top HVAC units, added a backup HVAC unit to the QC Stability Room, replaced its fleet of compression metal detectors, installed a new facility compressor, purchased a new blister packaging line, ordered a new packaging bottle line, and resumed work to bring an additional coating machine online.    

All upgrades were performed with full qualification, as applicable, and with minimal interruption of operations.