Allegiant Health Officially Launches Its Chinese Brand

In May 2023, Allegiant Health, in collaboration with Henan Tengji Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., formed Allegiant Health (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which has officially opened in Shanghai, China.

The new company will serve as the official representative of Allegiant Health’s Chinese brand, leveraging Allegiant Health’s strong capabilities in pharmaceutical and dietary supplement research and development, international standard production capacity, global brand influence, and Tengji’s operational and distribution resources in the Chinese health market. It aims to continuously expand the influence and product sales of Allegiant Health’s brands in the Chinese market.

In the near future, the new company plans to launch a series of health food products tailored to the Chinese market, carry out comprehensive marketing and promotion activities, and cover mainstream e-commerce platforms and numerous offline retail channels in China.

Allegiant Health invites global partners to jointly explore the Chinese health industry, bringing more leading global health products into the Chinese market through broader and deeper cooperation.