Allegiant Health and PerkUp Sponsor the 2019 Supernova Chinese American Singing Contest

November 2018

Allegiant Health is the proud title sponsor of “2019 the 7th Supernova Chinese American Singing Contest” and “2019 the 1st Supernova Chinese Global Singing Contest”.  Auditions are held throughout the US with top contestants selected to perform in the finals in Connecticut.  Throughout auditions for the events, PerkUp® will be featured and will accompany the singing troop all the way to attend the final global contest next year.

For many young Chinese and Chinese Americans living in the US who dream of breaking into the entertainment industry in the Chinese mainland or Hong Kong, Eric Yuen’s annual youth competitions open the door to success for hopefuls.

Yuen is the co-founder and producer of the long-running Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant, which has drawn hundreds of hopefuls over the last dozen years. Yuen created The Supernova Chinese American Singing Contest in 2013, and The Supernova Chinese Global Singing Contest in 2018, to promote enthusiastic and talented young singers in the US and all over the world.