Brian Li, Founder, President & CEO

Brian Li, Founder, President & CEO

Brian Li, a respected international commerce and business leader with experience as an industrial pharmacist, understands the importance of standards, processes and superior quality in all aspects of Allegiant Health’s operations. He stands behind this credo as one of the most critical and most powerful ways to strengthen the brand, while offering premium services and fostering exceptional customer care.

Mr. Li uses his background in international business to bring Allegiant Health’s innovative products and approaches to other nations with a special focus on the Chinese-Asian market. His expertise comes from his past success with the creation and launch of a branded calcium supplement product in China, which became one of country’s most popular and successful calcium supplements.

His knowledge of China’s culture, consumer needs and business practices has made him a valued and trusted business facilitator in both China and the United States. He grew his business from a startup to an international operation of both branded and private labels in the over-the-counter pharmaceutical industry, with operations in the U.S. and in China.

Mr. Li has demonstrated strong entrepreneurial and executive leadership in business strategy, product and market development, manufacturing and compliance, facility building and expansion, overseas operation implementation and capitalization of return on investment.

Mr. Li worked in various capacities of R&D and technical services for Barr Pharmaceuticals prior to co-founding A&Z Pharmaceutical in 1995, and Allegiant Health in 2014.

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